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JAN 15

Creating Authentic Spirituality

15 - 18 January 2024, Bristol

How are we to live an authentic spirituality? What spiritual principles do we apply in our daily lives and how can we be accountable to our faith community in our quest for spiritual authenticity?

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This course will give us a chance to share our spiritual aspirations, histories and practices and to identify those areas where we feel we need help. Building community through worship and creative listening, we will define personal strategies for daily faithfulness and explore how we might challenge and support one another along the way.

The course will begin with the evening meal on Monday and end with lunch on Thursday.

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Telephone: 0121 7282360

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Date & time

Start: 16:00 on 15 January 2024

Finish: 14:00 on 18 January 2024


Penny Brohn
Chapel Pill Lane
BS20 0HH
United Kingdom

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