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MAR 19

Conversations With Our Children

19 March 2024, Online

The first in a series of sessions designed to explore how to engage our children and young people in meaningful discussions about our role as Quakers in the world today and living out our faith.

A man holding a young child and a sparkler

This session is perfect for Quakers with children and young people in their families and meetings. You'll gain practical insights on sharing our faith with the younger generation in a relatable way. We will explore how to address questions and concerns and strengthen connection to Quaker values.

During this interactive session, we'll explore various approaches and share real-life experiences. Through live discussions and collaborative problem-solving, you'll connect with like-minded Quakers to take away valuable ideas and resources for nurturing Quaker values in the hearts of your children and young people.

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Date & time

Start: 20:30 on 19 March 2024

Finish: 21:30 on 19 March 2024


United Kingdom

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