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OCT 25

Being a Quaker Clerk around the world

25 October - 5 December 2021, Online

This course is an opportunity for Quaker clerks around the world to learn together.

We will consider the clerk's role before, during and after a Meeting for Worship for Business and look at the differing styles of clerking around the Quaker world. The course is for all clerks whether you are clerking at a local, regional, national or international level or just want to learn more about the role. We hope that participants will learn from each other as well as the course leaders. You should allow two to three hours a week for working on this course.

Live sessions will take place at 08:00 GMT on Saturdays 30 October, 13 November and 27 November. As this course takes place across changes to daylight saving time in certain parts of the world, including the UK, we recommend you check what time each session is in your location by using

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Telephone: 07562 624047 and 07935 601512

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Start: 00:00 on 25 October 2021

Finish: 00:00 on 5 December 2021


United Kingdom

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