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A place for the scriptures

3 - 5 May 2019, Swarthmoor Hall

This course is part of a continuing exploration of how Friends today relate to the Bible without compromising Quaker insights.

Early Friends had an extremely controversial approach to the scripture. Their experience of the living Spirit made them suspicious of placing authority in a fixed text, but they believed this insight was rooted in the Bible itself. How do we articulate the Quaker approach? And how does it shape how the Bible is used amongst Friends?

Tutor: Tim Ashworth

Prices: £245 ensuite, full board. £170 full board, non-residential.

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Swarthmoor Hall

Telephone: 01229 583204

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Date & time

Start: 16:00 on 3 May 2019

Finish: 14:00 on 5 May 2019


Swarthmoor Hall
Swarthmoor Hall Lane
LA12 0JQ
United Kingdom

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