Yearly Meeting Gathering 2017


    This year's Yearly Meeting Gathering will be held at Warwick University and feature a wide range of events and activities.

    Minutes of Yearly Meeting Gathering 2017

    YMG 2017 Minutes.docx

    Session 1

    Elizabeth Allen's introduction (PDF)

    George Lakey's introduction (PDF)

    Session 3

    Steve Whiting's introduction (PDF)

    Session 4

    Ingrid Greenhow, Clerk of Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees, introduces the annual report.

    Bridget Walker's introduction (PDF)

    Session 5

    Living out our faith in the world: working with others.

    Fifth session of Yearly Meeting 2017 introduction by Ann Morgan (PDF)

    Fifth session of Yearly Meeting 2017 introduction by Bernadette O'Shea (PDF)

    Fifth session of Yearly Meeting 2017 introduction by Mairi Campbell Jack (PDF)


    The Swarthmore Lecture can be accessed on Woodbrooke's website. Audio of the Swarthmore Lecture is also available. This year it was given by Catherine West, 'Faith in politics? A testimony to equality.'

    Tim Gee delivers the 2017 Gorman Lecture 'Movement Building from Stillness'

    Molly Scott Cato delivers the 2017 Salter Lecture 'Brexit, Chilcot and the role of conscience in political life'

    Other documents

    Documents in advance part 1 (PDF)

    Draft minutes: documents in advance part 2 (PDF)

    YMG 2017 brochure (PDF)

    Spiritual preparation (PDF)

    YMG 2017 - Epistles and Testimonies

    2016 Trustees Annual Report including the financial statement

    BYM Tabular Statement 2016 (PDF)

    YMG Events Listing (PDF)

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