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    Budget for a Safer World Lesson

    Inspired by the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS) on 18th April 2016, this lesson explores 4 different ways the world could be made safer and gives learners the chance to vote on the best way. Suitable for secondary school age students.

    This lesson links to an online poll young people can participate in, available on the GDAMS website.

    'Conscience' and 'Conviction' – World War I learning resources

    Teaching about World War I should be about more than reciting poems about muddy battlefields. 'Conscience' and 'Conviction' have been created to highlight a selection of moral paths taken as a result of the war. Both provide opportunities to reflect on the steps we need to take for a world without war. These materials are based on the work of Don Rowe, teacher, writer and co-founder of the Citizenship Foundation.

    Learners pursue a critical thinking project, considering how people responded to the questions they faced and exploring their own reactions.

    Teach Peace

    Full Teach Peace Pack (PDF)

    Individual assemblies

    Other documents

    Y mae 'Teach Peace' yn cael ei gyfieithu i'r Gymraeg ar hyn o bryd. Y mae'r gwasanaeth 'Remembering for Peace' eisoes ar gael yn y Gymraeg. Gellir ei lawrlwytho isod:

    Cofio dros Heddwch (PDF)
    Sleidiau: Cofio dros Heddwch (pptx)

    Elizabeth Fry: The Angel of Prisons was an assembly in the original Teach Peace Pack (2012). The script is available here: Elizabeth Fry: The Angel of Prisons (PDF)

    Fly Kites Not Drones

    Fly Kites Not Drones brings together a range of learning materials about peace and human rights. It also offers guidance for making and flying your own kite for peace. The learning resource was made in Britain, but the inspiration comes from Afghanistan, a country that has known over three decades of constant war including armed drone strikes.

    Find out more on the Fly Kites Not Drones website (offsite link)

    Resources from partner organisations

    Youth Refusing Violence from St. Ethelburga's

    This resource is designed to help a group leader design a workshop/series of workshops for young people. It aims to:

    • offer young people insight into the nature of conflict and violence
    • help young people relate to and draw from the wisdom that is found in their own and other faiths, which may help them refuse the use of violence as an automatic response to conflict
    • equip young people with realistic alternative methods of dealing with conflict.
    Youth Refusing Violence (PDF)

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