We have several logos for various parts of Britain Yearly Meeting to use. You can download the house style guide and logos from this page.


Please use the 'badge' style logos to represent the work of

  • local meetings
  • area meetings
  • Quakers in Britain
  • Britain Yearly Meeting
  • Quakers in Scotland
  • Meeting of Friends in Wales
  • Quaker recognised bodies.
    Please only use the plain 'Q' or Welsh 'C' logo where a design demands it or the badge is illegible e.g. profile picture on social media.
  • House style

    The house style guide (PDF: 1mb) shows you how to use the logos. It also shows you what fonts and colours Britain Yearly Meeting staff use on printed and electronic materials. We will provide further, basic guidance later in 2018.


    Badge style logos

    All available colours of each badge can be downloaded in a zip file.

  • house style guide (PDF: 1mb)
  • local meetings (zip file: 13.5 mb)
  • local meetings - Welsh text (zip file: 13.5 mb)
  • area meetings (zip file: 13.5 mb)
  • area meetings - Welsh (zip file: 13.5 mb)
  • Quaker recognised bodies (zip file: 14 mb)
  • Quaker recognised bodies - Welsh (zip file: 14 mb)
  • Plain logos

  • Using the plain 'Q' logo (PDF)
  • Quaker plain 'Q' logos (zip: 20mb)
  • Using the plain Welsh 'C' logo (PDF)
  • Quaker plain Welsh 'C' Crynwyr logos (zip: 21mb
  • Help

    If you can't find what you need please let us know.

    Contact us

    Nik Dadson
    Website and Brand Manager
    020 7663 1116