Leaflets for newcomers, enquirers and Quaker communities.

Free resources that can be downloaded or ordered from quakercentre@quaker.org.uk or requested by phone 020 7663 1125 or 020 7663 1030.


    For newcomers and enquirers

    Introductory leaflets

    Leaflets most helpful for those new to meeting. All available to order or download

    Advices & queries (offsite link)

    Getting ready for Quaker worship (PDF)

    'The Quaker way' (PDF)

    Concertina leaflets

    Attractive introductions to four contrasting areas of Quaker activity: Quakers, worship, children and young people, and Quaker Peace & Social Witness.

    I am a Quaker... this is why...

    This young people's outreach leaflet offers a brief history of Quakerism and thoughts from young Quakers on their faith, explores Quaker testimonies and gives examples of how beliefs might lead to action.

    Who are the Quakers

    An information pack request card for enquirers, new attenders and those interested in finding out more about Quakers. Information packs can also be ordered online at quaker.org.uk/infopack

    Local meetings can request six ready-prepared packs to give away to newcomers.

    Gold cards

    These cards give six answers to the question 'What do Quakers say?' as well as providing details of how to obtain a free information pack.


    Green balloons with the Q logo for stalls, open days and Quaker social events.

    No longer in print

    These leaflets are no longer available to order but can be downloaded and printed locally.

    'Quakers today' (PDF)

    'Quaker worship' (PDF)

    'Your first time in a Quaker Meeting' (PDF)

    'Silence' (PDF)

    'Quakers and peace' (PDF)

    'Living what we believe' (PDF)

    'How Quaker meetings take decisions' (PDF)


    Quaker Week 2017 posters

    Every meeting has been sent a copy of the this years Quaker Week posters, you can also download them here.
    Main Quaker Week 2017 poster - In turbulent times be a Quaker

    Four series posters: Sustainability, Truth, Equality and Peace in A4 and A3

    Historic posters
    We have a number of posters are available to order for free from the Quaker Center.

    See previews here (for reference only) (PDF)

    For planning outreach

    There are four manuals, two available to order from the Quaker Centre Bookshop and all four for download.

    A day with Friends

    This resource is for Quaker meetings interested in running events for enquirers and new attenders. It offers a simple framework for what the day might include, ideas for sessions and guidance on how to use the space you have.

    A day with Friends [PDF] will help meetings run open and creative enquirers' events where everyone can share their stories and insights and explore the riches of the Quaker way together.

    The resource is packed with ideas and inspiration and is available (free while stocks last) from the Quaker Centre Bookshop, quakercentre@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1030.

    Sharing our meetings' stories

    Sharing meeting stories is a piece of work that Quaker Life carried out in 2013. Quaker Life Network members were asked to visit meetings and have conversations with Friends to help understand the story of the meeting.

    The findings of the project have been published as the Sharing Meeting Stories [PDF] booklet and form part of what led to the Being Friends Together project in partnership with Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre.

    Outreach Handbook (out of print)

    A collection of ideas, stories, insights and experience of things that have worked for Friends and meetings as they have sought ways to do outreach and also become outreaching communities. The Outreach Handbook [PDF] is available to download.

    New expressions of Quakerism (out of print)

    For meetings interested in being a more creative community; who are open to exploring new ways of being a Quaker community [PDF]; and who are seeking radical or fresh ways of engaging with local communities outside their meeting house door.

    Only available for download.

    Exhibition Materials

    There are two different exhibitions for hire. Three identical sets based on the concertina leaflet 'Quakers', these are a full set of 18 square panels on foam board, 30 cm2, available to buy for £100 or hire for £22 (plus return postage). There is also a set of 22 picture panels based on quotes from Quaker Faith and Practice which are approximately 47cm by 32cm landscape and portrait and can be hired for £22 (plus return postage).

    Order early for Quaker Week - limited stock. To hire contact the Quaker Centre Bookshop, quakercentre@quaker.org.uk, 020 7663 1030.

    For the Quaker community

    Weddings and funerals

    Order for burial, interment or scattering of ashes (PDF) See chapter 17 of Quaker faith & practice (offsite link) for information on Quaker funerals and memorial meetings.

    'A Quaker wedding' (PDF)

    'Quaker funerals' (PDF)

    'Funeral wishes form' (word document)

    'We are but witnesses' (PDF)


    Badges are low key way of being open about your faith, starting a conversation or to identify Quakers at outreach events.

    'Quakers for Peace' badges are available free of charge. The Quaker bookshop also sells enamel Quaker star badges for £2.

    'I'm a Quaker – ask me why' pin badges and plain magnetic Q badges are no longer available.

    Study Guides

    Becoming Friends

    Becoming Friends: Living and Learning with Quakers is an innovative learning project from Woodbrooke and Quaker Life which aims to nurture and support those who are new to Friends. It helps newcomers develop an understanding of Quakerism, while exploring their own journey. It uses flexible learning materials, on-line discussion groups and support from a network of 'companions' in local meetings.

    The Becoming Friends course is now available online and in paper format. You can find out more online by visiting Becoming Friends on the Woodbrooke website.

    Meetings can get ready to support newcomers by using the Becoming Friends materials. You might also enquire about sending Friends on a Becoming Friends companion course.

    Being Quaker, doing Quaker

    A5 study guide for living out our Quaker faith, download 'Being Quaker, doing Quaker' [PDF]

    What do you do in meeting for worship?

    A5 study guide for sharing our experience of worship, download 'What do you do in meeting for worship?' [PDF]

    Quaker business

    Information leaflets to support Quakers in using Quaker Business Methods. Available to download or can be ordered from quakercentre@quaker.org.uk or requested by phone 020 7663 1125 or 020 7663 1030.

    'Membership: Principles & Processes'
    'Holding Quaker business meetings by Teleconference'
    'Maintaining boundaries'
    'Maintaining safe communities'
    'Principles and testimonies: Nominations'
    'Threshing Meetings'
    'How Quaker meetings take decisions'(no longer in print, available to download only)

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    Quaker Centre
    020 7663 1030