This podcast is about Quaker witness – action inspired by Quaker faith. Featuring Quakers talking about ideas and how to take action, Q:Witness explores a range of issues in Britain and internationally.

Q:Witness is back for its second series, with episodes every two weeks. Listen to previous episodes and find links to further information on this page.



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    The housing crisis in Britain has reached new lows in 2017, with 1 in every 200 people in the UK being homeless, house prices soaring far beyond the range of ordinary people, and social housing stock being decommissioned and not replaced. Quakers are stepping into the breach wherever they can – setting up YMCAs in meeting houses, running housing initiatives for young carers, and submitting amendments to housing bills as they go through parliament.

    In this episode of Q:Witness, Parliamentary Engagement Officer Jessica Metheringham speaks about living in true community, the Quaker roots of the Ethical Landlords Association, and upcoming work around demanding big-scale policy changes.

    We also speak with Jon Scarth of the anti-poverty campaigning organisation Quaker Social Action, which is 150 this year. Jon is piloting a housing scheme for young adults with caring responsibilities in East London, ensuring that they have an opportunity to live independently for the first time, and form their own connections to the wider world.

    Learn more about the projects and organisations mentioned in this podcast:

  • Ethical Landlords Association
  • Quaker Housing Trust
  • Quaker Social Action, Move On Up
  • Further information about Britain Yearly Meeting's work on housing

  • Making witness happen

    “Peace on its own is so closely tied with equality, truth and simplicity. Living by them is not so much an action but a way of life."

    This episode focuses on making witness happen, shifting towards a movement-focused approach from a more information-based one.

    We chat to Gurpreet Bola, Hannah Smith and Maya Williams about their work to support groups to take action on different issues and how you can access this.

    We also catch up with two people who attended the Quaker Activist Gathering earlier this month. Lesley Grahame gives an update on supporting the ban on nuclear weapons and Laurence Hall talks about his concern around housing, particularly around justice for residents of Grenfell Tower.

    For more information about Turning the Tide visit their website at or follow them on Twitter @TTTideUK.

    Read stories of Quaker action at Download the toolkit for action at Discover more about the work of young Friends in The Young Quaker

    Find out about upcoming Quaker events:

    Waging peace

    "It's really hard to stop 30,000 arms buyers from getting into the Excel centre, but it's really easy – and it feels amazing! – to stop a truck with a tank on from driving into the arms fair."

    In this episode of Q:Witness we talk about the many ways that people can help build a peaceful society. We hear from Sam Walton who helped organise the headline-grabbing actions to try and stop the world's largest arms fair in London this September; Ellis Brooks joins us to share news and hopes around peace education in British schools; and we celebrate this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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    Apologies if you were looking for this episode last Friday (13 Oct). We had a few technical hiccoughs and had to delay the release.

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    Britain Yearly Meeting works on Quaker concerns nationally and internationally. In Q:Witness, learn about the work and how you can get involved. From social action and peacebuilding to economic justice and sustainability, we bring you analysis of the issues and ways to take action. You'll hear both from staff and from Quakers taking action.

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