We work on specific aspects of social justice in Britain. Quakers work for a more compassionate criminal justice system, and for improvements in housing conditions. We are also developing work around forced migration.


Quaker Housing Trust is Britain Yearly Meeting's own housing charity: a practical response to a spiritual concern. Through loans, grants and advice, the Quaker Housing Trust supports projects that meet the housing needs of people who are often overlooked.

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Crime, community and justice

Quakers work for a criminal justice system that is compassionate, forgiving and healing – restorative, not retributive. We want to change attitudes and encourage the criminal justice system to move towards this vision of justice.

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Forced migration

More local Quaker meetings are working to welcome people forced to flee their homes than on any other issue. In recognition of the current situation, of our history of helping refugees and of the significant concern being shown by local meetings, we are scoping a centrally managed programme supporting Quakers to take action and advocate for change together.

Find out more about our work on forced migration.

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2 February 2018 by Tatiana Garavito