Quaker Stewardship supports trustees and other meeting role holders in the service of their meetings by producing guidance and other documents, and also by their Link Friend Scheme.

Support for Quaker trustees


    Handbook for Trustees of Quaker meetings

    This handbook, produced by Quaker Stewardship Committee, focuses on trusteeship in a Quaker context, primarily Quaker meetings. Published June 2014, currently under review.

    Trustee Declaration of EligibilityTrustee Declaration of Eligibility[QUOTE-START]

    Trustees must be well-grounded in the life and concerns of the meeting for which they act. […] Just as they care for the life of the meeting, the meeting should support and uphold them and their work.

    - Quaker faith & practice 15.07


    Area meeting report and accounts

    All area meetings and certain other bodies within Britain Yearly Meeting should send their annual report and accounts to Quaker Stewardship Committee via Helen Griffith (contact details at the bottom of this page) (Qfp4.10m)

    Quaker Stewardship Committee has produced the following documents to help Trustees produce their reports (available from Helen Griffith, contact details at the bottom of this page):

    Trustees' and Treasurers' News

    Keep up-to-date with advice and information for trustees (and treasurers), including upcoming training courses provided by Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, by reading Trustees and Treasurers' News. This is emailed to clerks of area meeting trustees on publication via the Friends House database. Helen Griffith (contact details at the bottom of this page) can also add other interested trustees to her email list to receive the News.

    The Treasurers' page has the last few issues available.

    Charitable registration

    Area meetings have to register with the Charity Commission when their income rises about £100,000 a year (unless their income is over £100,000 for one year only due to exceptional circumstances.

    Those with an annual income under this figure will have to register later (currently expected to be March 2021).

    Documents in the list below are available from Helen Griffith (contact details at the bottom of this page) or through the link given;

    Charity schemes

    Area meetings who register as charities should also set up a scheme to combine the area meeting with its various trusts, including property trusts ("specie" land). This means that the accounts from these trusts can be included in the area meeting's accounts as restricted funds. It is also an opportunity to update some aspects of old trusts.

    If an area meeting is considering selling some property, then it should check whether the property is specie as the Charity Commission needs to be consulted. If an area meeting is planning to change the use of some property it should check whether the deeds allow this. Helen Griffith (contact details at the bottom of this page) can arrange for someone to check property deeds held by Friends Trusts Ltd. If the use of the property laid down by the deeds is no longer practicable then the Charity Commission is usually very helpful.

    We are having to reconsider Scheme clause 9(5) relating to Friends Trusts Ltd. If you are working on a scheme, please do not finalise it until we have sorted this out. Please contact Helen Griffith (contact details below) if this affects you so she can keep you up-to-date with developments.

    Documents available from Helen Griffith (contact details at the bottom of this page)

    Other documents of interest to trustees

    Available through link given or from Helen Griffith (contact details at the bottom of the page)

    Other useful pages for area meeting trustees on this website

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