Preparing for online Yearly Meeting

Yearly Meeting documents

We prepared documents in advance for our online-only YM 2020. Please note that the focus for YM 2020 as gathered worship and required business. View the documents online.

Other resources

The material below was compiled to help Friends prepare for Yearly Meeting Gathering that has been postponed until 2021. Friends may still find it worth reflecting upon these issues. This page will be revised in 2021.

Quaker resources

  1. Quaker faith & practice (offsite link) – Chapters 20, 23 and 25
  2. Minutes of Yearly Meeting 2019 (Word)
  3. Quaker Peace & Social Witness's Climate activism and advocacy work. Report for Meeting for Sufferings October 2019 (PDF)
  4. Philosophy for Communities for Quakers (offsite link)
  5. The Canterbury Commitment: Minute 36 of YMG 2011 (PDF) -
  6. Edwina Peart's blog on diversity within BYM
  7. Diversity and Inclusion – Report to Meeting for Sufferings April 2019 on page number 11 (PDF)
  8. Podcasts:
    “A Quaker take on... Allyship"
    “A Quaker take on... Climate change"
    “A Quaker take on... Climate activism"

Other resources

  1. Active Hope by Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone (offsite link)
  2. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (offsite link)
  3. Extinction Rebellion from a Quaker perspective
  4. Wretched of the Earth – letter to Extinction Rebellion (offsite link)
  5. Discussion of the Gender Recognition Act (offsite link)
  6. “A Green New Deal" (offsite link)
  7. “Why Migrant Justice is Climate Justice" (offsite link)
  8. “Let Them Drown" by Naomi Klein (offsite link)