We want anyone who wants to come to Yearly Meeting to be able to do so. If you have access needs you must tell us. We can then put in place the help you need.

If plan to come to Yearly Meeting please think about:

  • If you are able to be part of a busy, crowded, noisy event.
  • How you will travel to and from your accommodation and between the locations of Gathering. Further information about the venue will be available by the end of 2019.
  • If anyone else is coming who may be able to help you.

You should first speak to Friends in your area/local meeting or worship group to see what help they can give you. If they can't help, the Pastoral Care Group will try to. But there is a limit to what the group can do.

At Yearly Meeting sessions there will be speech-to-text reporting. This shows what people are saying in the session as it happens. The text will be shown on a screen just below the stage in the Large Meeting House. You can also access the text directly from your phone or tablet.

Contact us

To tell us about your needs and concerns, and order suitable documents please contact us.

Krishna Ramamurthy
020 7663 1109


Live speech-to-text will be provided in the Large Meeting House during sessions at Yearly Meeting.

During Yearly Meeting use this link to access speech-to-text

Financial help

Friends shouldn't be put off coming to Yearly Meeting because they can't afford it. Find out how to get help, or donate to the fund.

Read about bursaries