Quakers are called to consider the effect of their lives on the world's limited resources, and to work together to build low-carbon, sustainable communities.

In 2011, Britain Yearly Meeting made the following statement, part of the Canterbury Commitment:

To individual Friends we issue a clear call to action to consider the effect of their lives on the world's limited resources and in particular on their carbon usage....We are grateful to those Friends who have responded in their own lives and who have encouraged and informed us... there is much more which may yet be done.
- Britain Yearly Meeting 2011

The Sustainability Toolkit offers tools for learning, self-evaluation and practical action – as well as inspiration from Friends already facing the challenge – to support meetings in becoming low-carbon, sustainable communities.

It suggests ways to observe and reflect upon the world and what you are ready to do, and tools to help you to vision and plan your activity as a meeting. It contains information and support for practical action you could take with your buildings, land, consumption, waste, travel and money. There are ideas about how to engage with your local community and tips for taking political action. It also contains group exercises that you might find useful to do as a meeting and support for facilitators leading these sessions. You may also find useful the suggestions of further resources and funding.

All local meetings should have a hard copy. Alternatively you can download it here as a whole document, or in sections.

Download the full Sustainability Toolkit (PDF, 5.3mb)



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