Questioning the creeping militarisation of schools, this short film from Quakers in Britain brings together voices from education, the armed forces and public life.

Released in 2015, The Unseen March exposes the policies that are increasing military involvement in schools across Britain. From the expansion of cadet forces to schools sponsored by the arms industry, the armed forces are playing a growing role in education without public debate.

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These notes accompany the film, and explain the evidence behind our concerns about the militarisation of education.

You can also watch more videos about militarisation on our Peace & Disarmament Youtube channel (offsite link).

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The Unseen March action briefing

Concerned about the unseen march of militarisation in education? Find ideas in this briefing to take action in schools, communities and nationally.

Our action briefing is a guide to the many ways of taking action against the militarisation of education:

  • Organise a workshop or screening of The Unseen March film
  • Write to your elected representatives
  • Promote peace education in schools near you

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