We provide information and support to Quakers trying to manage financial resources in a way that is consistent with their beliefs.

Our bank accounts, pension funds and investments make us all a part of the global financial system. Whether we have a little or a lot, what we do with our money matters. We can use our money as an important tool for positive social change, campaigning for fairer wages for workers or for a transition to a clean, renewable energy system.

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    A guide to divesting from fossil fuels

    This step by step guide provides information for Quaker meetings considering divesting from fossil fuels.

    Your Faith Your Finance

    Our Your Faith Your Finance website (offsite link), developed in partnership with the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (offsite link), is a tool for Quakers and others who want to find out more about ethical and sustainable finance options.

    We've also created a workshop resource pack to help Quaker meetings explore issues of ethical finance together. The pack contains all the information and resources you need to run a two hour workshop and assumes no prior knowledge of finance, making it a flexible resource suited to any group wanting to explore ethical finance options.

    The resource pack includes:

    Divesting from fossil fuels

    In 2013 Quakers agreed that our centrally held funds should not be invested in fossil fuel extraction companies. Divestment is one of the ways we are questioning the social and financial acceptability of fossil fuel extraction in the face of ongoing concerns about climate change.

    Many Quaker meetings and individual Quakers are now making their own decisions about divestment.

    Read more about our work at the forefront of the fossil fuel divestment movement.

    Take action on council divestment plans

    The government is pushing through worrying new plans to ban local councils from making ethical choices in their financial investments. A ban would reverse the many positive efforts of councils to move funds away from investments in the arms trade, Israeli settlement products, fossil fuels and other areas. In some cases the proposals even contravene the government's own advice.

    Read more about how you can take action on council divestment plans.


    Information given here should not be considered investment or financial advice. Friends requiring financial advice should contact a qualified and regulated Independent Financial Adviser.

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