The Quaker Life Network works to nurture the connection, between Quakers, meetings and Quaker Life.

The Quaker Life Network provides opportunities for short term service, shared learning, facilitation and events to support the life and fabric of Quaker communities and spiritual life of Britain Yearly Meeting. The Network links into the work of Quaker Life Representative Council to amplify the learning and experience of Reps to help foster positive change within Quaker communities. The Network also includes a number of groups (clusters) that support role holders or work on specific issues such as mental health or outreach.

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    About the Network

    It creates opportunities for Quakers to volunteer service by expressing interest in tasks that are shared through a regular email. Network clusters are flexible offering connection, peer support or the opportunity for meetings to ask for people to work alongside to develop and grow or support with challenges.

    To find out more about clusters visit,, or email For some opportunities we ask that Friends offer some detailed information about them-self. This can be done online by visiting:

    Please tick the 'Quaker Life Network' box when completing the form

    Completing this form can also open up other opportunities for Quaker service such as working on a committee or other longer term service.

    Who can join the Network?

    The Quaker Life Network is open to all Quakers and Quaker allies. You don't have to be in membership to join. You can subscribe here to receive our email which includes requests, resources, webinars and other content. The email is themed and we aim to send one out at least every few months. You can use the contact form at the bottom of this page to ask for more information.

    Archive of recent emails

    Network clusters

    Clusters are groups of network members that are brought together by a common interest. Clusters grow because there is a wealth of knowledge and willingness to serve in an area that Quaker Life Central Committee has discerned to be important enough to 'own' and incorporate into Quaker Life's work.

    There is not a set way that each cluster will function. This is intentional so as not to artificially constrain their activities. Each cluster has some input from a member of staff. Most of what they do is initiated by the Friends who form them or in response to a need that Quaker Life Central Committee has identified.

    Current topic based clusters include: outreach, facilitation, conflict, end of life, mental health, Godly Play and social media as well as our range of groups for role holders such as the Librarians cluster.

    Clusters you might want to join:

    Sign up to the Godly Play: Resources, news and events for those working with children.

    Sign up to receive news from the Mental Health Cluster: The latest news from Friends working to support meetings around Mental Health.

    Sign up to the Peace Education cluster: tips and resources for Quaker peace educators

    Join the Property Advice eGroup: Friends involved in looking after Meeting Houses and other property.

    For information about other clusters email

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    Featured event

    Singing workshop

    Singing is a wonderful way of bringing your Quaker community together. Join Leonora Davies and Elena Browne for a day at Friends House as we explore how to use singing in children's meeting, all-age worship and beyond.

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