The Quaker Life Network works to nurture the connection, between individual Friends, Quaker communities and Quaker Life.

The Quaker Life Network is is a way to enable connections between individual Quakers, role-holders in Quaker communities and members of BYM and Woodbrooke staff. It inks with local development work and helps to promote events and activities.

The Network links into the work of Quaker Life Representative Council to amplify the learning and experience of Reps to help foster positive change within Quaker communities.

The Network includes a number of groups (clusters) that support role holders or work on specific issues such as mental health or outreach.

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    About the Network

    The Network is a way to help build connections between Quakers. Much of what the Network does takes place in online spaces. See below for ways that you can connect with the Network and other Friends:

    Who can join the Network?

    The Quaker Life Network is open to all Quakers and Quaker allies. You don't have to be a Quaker member to join. You can subscribe here to receive our email which includes requests, resources, events and other content.

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    Network clusters

    Clusters are groups of network members that are brought together by a common interest. Clusters grow because there is a need for the work and Friends have a wealth of knowledge and willingness to serve. They gather and grow around pieces of work that Quaker Life Central Committee has identified.

    Current topic based clusters include: conflict, mental health, Peace education and Godly Play as well as our range of groups for role holders such as the Librarians cluster.

    Clusters that may be of interest

    For information about other clusters email

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    Featured event

    Quaker Activist Gathering 2020

    Maybe 2020 is the year we need to gather in the spirit of witness and social action more than ever.As a community of Friends and the Quaker-curious taking action for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world, we will gather online for a spacious, intergenerational, restorative and invigorating day together, focused on witness and activism.

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