The work of Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) is largely done by Friends serving on committees and volunteering in other ways. Quaker service ranges from volunteering roles including through the Quaker Life Network to being a BYM Trustee. There are opportunities to suit all levels of skill, experience and time availability.

How you can get involved

Serving on national committees and roles within Britain Yearly Meeting

Our community relies on us each taking an active part in the life of our Society in a way that best suits our talents. This can be a rewarding experience. Find out about the experiences of Friends serving on committees in the video below.

Getting involved with Quaker committees and roles

You can register your interest in Quaker service and request more information by filling in a simple online form. We will get back to you to find out about your interests and the type of service that might be most suitable for you.

The next step is to complete a Quaker Service Information Form to tell us more about yourself and your availability:

What happens next

Our nominations committees work to discern the membership of BYM committees. They use information you provide in the Quaker Service Information Form and from your supporting Friends to help them discern the right role.

Staff or committee members may then approach you to ask if you would be willing to serve in a particular role.

Your name will be included in a pool of names and there is no guarantee that a suitable role will be available immediately.

About to serve on a national committee?

The Committee Handbook (PDF) provides essential information such as how to prepare and what to expect at your first meeting to claiming expenses. We strongly encourage you to read this before you take up your role on a national committee.

Our Nominations Data Policy (Word) lets you know what nominations information we store and how we retain it.

Our Committees Privacy Notice (Word) informs you of what information we will store if you become a committee member and what we will do with that information.

For further information

Contact the nominations team:
020 7663 1121