Junior Yearly Meeting open for bookings

Bookings are open for Junior Yearly Meeting, the national gathering for young Quakers, taking place on 9–12 April 2022.

A crowd of young people gathering to pose for a photo
JYM is run by young people, supported by a team of adults.

Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) is a significant opportunity for young Quakers, aged 15–18, to be part of a national community.


It's a haven for young people to engage in discussions and grow on a personal level.

- JYM Arrangements Committee member


With JYM last happening in person in 2019, the young people planning the event have thought hard about how to make this one special. With a variety of activities to create connections there will also be space to explore new perspectives and ideas though the theme:

Compassionate listening and spiritual engagement: How can we strengthen our faith community to make space for action?

Through the theme and worship, there is space for participants to explore Quakerism. JYM is suitable for people new to Quakerism and for those who have been a Quaker all their life.

"JYM brought me so much joy and personal growth. There are few places I have been where truly everyone is accepted and included. It's a haven for young people to engage in discussions and grow on a personal level." – JYM Arrangements Committee member 2020.

There are two ways to come to JYM, by nomination or by an open place. Area meetings can nominate young people to attend using the information on the Junior Yearly Meeting page. To apply for an open place, find the event information on www.yqspace.org.uk. Bookings are open until Monday 28 February.

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