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Economic Mythbusters

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Economic Mythbusters course

Over 120 Friends participated in The Economic Mythbusters online course which was organised by the new economics foundation (nef) working with Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) and ran over seven weeks in May and June 2013.

This course was designed to enable Friends to better understand and then challenge a series of ‘economic myths’ which often hinder the discussion of new economic ideas that could help to create a more sustainable, just and equal world.  Each session was delivered by prominent journalists and economists, with additional input from QPSW.

Resources from the course are now available.  We hope they will be useful for study or action by individuals or groups of Friends.

Week 1:  Tuesday 14th May

Introduction to neoliberalism and language and debating skills. Presented by James Meadway (nef) and Richard Hawkins (The Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC))

Week 2: Tuesday 21st May

Excessive government spending got us into this mess’. Presented by Charlie Cooper (The Independent) and Richard Exell (TUC)

Week 3: Tuesday 28th May

Austerity is the best way to reduce the deficit and get the economy back on track’. Presented by Owen Jones (The Independent) and James Meadway (nef)

Week 4: Tuesday 4th June

Britain is broke? We can’t afford to invest’. Presented by Ellie Mae O’Hagan and Howard Reed (Landmann Economics)

Week 5: Tuesday 11th June

A competitive tax system is a better tax system’. Presented by John Christensen (Tax Justice Network’)

Week 6: Tuesday 18th June

'There’s nothing we can do about tax havens’. Presented by Polly Toynbee (The Guardian) and Lydia Prieg (nef)

Week 7: Tuesday 25th June

Strivers vs Skivers. Presented by Anna Coote and Julia Slay (nef)

Please note, opinions presented in Mythbusters lectures and reading materials do not necessarily represent the positions of Quaker Peace & Social Witness or Quakers in Britain